Bill Walton Detailed His Love For Bridges During A Michigan State Blowout

11.26.17 1 year ago

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Bill Walton loves a lot of things. He loves bikes. He loves the Pac-12 (the Conference of Champions, he’ll be quick to tell you). He loves the Grateful Dead. In general, Bill Walton loves life (but he does not love shoplifting abroad and will apologize on behalf of humanity for it).

Walton’s commentary on ESPN college basketball broadcasts are something we all love, because they so often result in a minutes-long diatribe about something completely unrelated to the game at hand, but at the same time fascinating because of the manic enthusiasm he has for whatever it is he’s raving about.

On Sunday night, as he broadcast the PK80 game between Michigan State and North Carolina, Walton started talking about Spartans’ star sophomore Miles Bridges, who will be a lottery pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, and how Michigan State was dominating the Tar Heels without needing their star too much. Naturally, that led its way into Walton spending the next minute detailing his love for bridges, the physical construction that allows people to pass over obstacles.

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