Bill Walton Lit Up When He Realized Weed Enthusiast Snoop Dogg Was At A Game He Was Calling

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Bill Walton was on the call Thursday for ESPN’s broadcast of California vs. UCLA. The Bruins rolled to victory and it’s very likely Snoop and Walton rolled something else to victory after the game.

Have you ever noticed that celebrities who smoke weed seem to be very annoying about it? They have to let you know at every turn that they enjoy it. It becomes their identity. Snoop could reveal that he has the gift of flight by soaring throughout Los Angeles and saving the lives of construction people that fall off buildings, but he’ll always be the guy who smokes weed. Walton will make some joke like, “When you fly, you get high off the ground, so I like that [wink wink].”

Bill Maher has done about 135 consecutive episodes of Real Time on HBO where he references smoking weed. We get it, buddy. The whole world knows you like the weed.

ESPN should just let Walton call all the Portland Trailblazers games and get it over with. Just two hours of weed references. “Portland doesn’t execute the pick and roll. I do. You have to get those seeds out of there if you want to get the joint rocking, much like this joint, which is rocking as the Blazers are lighting up the Mavericks.”