Billy King: “Allen never made the people around him better”

08.28.09 9 years ago 74 Comments

While I can understand after spending 10 seasons in the front office that former Sixers GM Billy King has a thing or two to say about Allen Iverson, but this just seems to be putting the future first ballot Hall of Famer on blast. Definitely not the kind of endorsement you want from your former boss when you’re currently unemployed:

“Allen never made the people around him better in the first place, because it’s always about Allen,” King told the Observer. “Everything is about Allen, and it can’t all be about Allen at this point in his career. He’s no longer that intimidating figure who can just blow by everybody. So he’s got to do other things, and I’m not sure he will.”

King believes Iverson is so conditioned to a certain mindset that it’s too late, at 34, for him to re-invent himself.

“(Iverson’s) personality is to say, ‘I can still do this. I can take all the shots and stay out late and do everything I did in my 20s,'” King described. “He needs to get to the foul line (to be effective) and if that doesn’t work, he’ll be very quick to yell at the referees for not giving him calls.”

I would have to disagree with King though, and say that Iverson would make the people around him better. While it might not show up in the stat sheet quite the same way as playing alongside Steve Nash or Jason Kidd, Iverson was able to make Eric Snow look like a legit NBA starting point guard for years.

Regardless of what team he ends up on, do you think Iverson will be a positive impact on the team?

Source: The Charlotte Observer

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