Bismack Biyombo Rejected LeBron So Cleanly At The Rim, He Got Called For A Foul

Bismack Biyombo was whistled for a foul on this clean block of LeBron James. If anything, LeBron should get called for the foul after initiating contact by extending his hand.

Remember, Toronto’s big man is afraid of the king of the jungle, not King James.

The traveling, the flopping, the…unfollowing — come on ‘Bron.

I think it’s clear, after three plays from a pair of games, James is the NBA puppeteer pulling the strings behind every call.

Will the NBA ever let a non-LeBron team make the Finals?

Thankfully, the Raptors are just so gosh darn spunky, they’re winning by double digits again in the fourth, despite LeBron getting his zillionth pair of free throws after a clean block.