Blake Griffin’s Surgically-Repaired Punching Hand Is Still Very, Very Swollen

Blake Griffin has finally come out of hiding.

The Los Angeles Clippers superstar was caught on camera Wednesday for the first time since punching a team equipment manager and sustaining a broken hand. And Griffin, who underwent surgery to repair his fourth right metacarpal on January 26, is clearly still weeks away from beginning real preparation for a return to the court.

Just look how swollen his right hand is in the photos below, which are courtesy of celebrity gossip site TMZ.

That doesn’t exactly look like a mitt ready to shoot a basketball, huh? The very thought of the former Slam Dunk Contest champion assaulting the rim with his dominant hand at this juncture, in fact, is making us feel pain.

Griffin’s current condition notwithstanding, there’s no reason to believe he’s behind in recovery. The Clippers estimated that he’d play again in four to six weeks in a release confirming the rampant rumors of fisticuffs and his subsequent injury. Considering it’s been just eight days since the 26 year old’s procedure, some amount of swelling is certainly to be expected.

Nevertheless, these photos are a good reminder of just how far away Griffin is from playing – and how completely unnecessary his ongoing absence is in the first place.