Blake Griffin Takes Time Out Of A Blowout To Help A Cameraman

05.10.15 4 years ago

Too often, NBA players crash or trip or fall or stumble into the photographers and hustle back without even a second glance as to whether the bystander is all right. But not Blake Griffin. No, sir, Griffin is a tried and true mensch, and when he went careening into a cameraman, not only did he take the time to check on him, he helped him put on his headset.

Now, you may be wondering why Griffin would bother with such trivial matters during a pivotal game. The answer is simple: the Clippers were blowing out the Rockets to such an extreme degree that Griffin could afford to do that. In fact, the microphone attached to the camerman’s headset put up more resistance than the Rockets did in the second half.

The Clippers decimated the Rockets 128-95.

(James Herbert)

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