Blake Griffin Made An Unconventional Pick When Asked Where LeBron James Goes Next Summer

10.19.17 7 months ago

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Blake Griffin made some waves over the summer when he said on a podcast that LeBron James isn’t coming to Los Angeles. But now he’s changed his tune.

Griffin was interviewed by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols about the revamped Los Angeles Clippers this season, including how he’s changed as a leader and what the expectations are for the team. But he had a hilarious reaction when asked about his prediction for where LeBron goes next summer.

Griffin’s opinion here counts because he turned down free agency this summer to return to the Clippers. And he’s committed to the team even after Chris Paul was traded. But he’s made it clear he doesn’t know where LeBron is going. Nichols asked about his comments and said everyone missed the part where he said his speculation isn’t very important.

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