This Blake Griffin Dunk Was So Ferocious That A Defender Got Out Of His Way

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02.03.17 2 Comments

So, is there any doubt that Blake Griffin is officially back? After missing a little over a month due to a procedure on his knee, Griffin has looked pretty good in three games since returning to action.

On Thursday night, though, Griffin decided to show everyone that his knee is doing just fine. He had 16 first half points in the Clippers’ game against the Golden State Warriors, including this explosive dunk that reminded observers that Griffin is one of the NBA’s most powerful dunkers.

Griffin got the ball right around the elbow with only Kevon Looney between himself and the rim. The Clippers’ star forward didn’t even need to dribble, as he gathered himself and took off from outside of the restricted area. Looney, realizing that he didn’t want to end up on a poster anywhere, decided that it would be smart to play the long game and just let Griffin get a bucket.

Griffin being healthy is big for the Clippers, especially with Chris Paul sidelined. Usually when players miss a month after getting a procedure done to their knee, you expect them to show signs of rust, especially when they’re as athletic as Griffin. But if this dunk is any indication, Los Angeles doesn’t have to worry about their five-time All-Star getting back to form.

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