Blake Griffin Can’t Decide If LaVar Ball Is A Mad Genius Or Just Crazy

05.11.17 12 months ago


Blake Griffin is undecided about a lot of things, including what’s next for him in free agency and what he thinks of LaVar Ball. Griffin was on the Pardon My Take podcast on Tuesday and was asked about Ball and his Big Baller Brand, which is bringing out Lonzo Ball‘s first signature shoe later this year. Griffin compared Ball to Donald Trump and wondered aloud of he’s crazy or a bit of a mad genius in the marketing of his expensive shoes.

I haven’t really decided if he has a mad genius quality to him, like a small one. Because in this day and age, he’s following the Trump, like the social media scheme. Like no bad press, just getting it out there, saying crazy stuff, it doesn’t matter.

The pending free agent also said Ball’s bravado and bold statements might be putting Lonzo in a tough spot once he reaches the NBA.

The thing is, his son has to be the one that performs, right? And he has to be good, so it kinda sucks that he’s doing that to his kid. I’d be one thing if it was some guy in the draft, like if it was Lonzo Ball and he’s saying all this stuff, because then, like, at the end of the day it’s on him. But it’s just not fair to Lonzo.

Griffin was asked if this puts a “target” on Lonzo’s back once he finally takes the floor for whoever drafts the UCLA standout. Griffin said yes, guys are “gonna want to go at him” to see if he can take it once he plays.

Yeah, a little bit. Anyone that gets hyped up that much.—like if you’re the number one pick that’s doing a lot of talking—you’re gonna have a bit of a target on your back for sure.

The interview covers a lot of ground, including long segments where Griffin coyly avoids talk about where he’d like to play next. Griffin also clarified the extent oh his toe injury that ended his 2017 season early: he tore tendons and ligaments that connected his toe to his foot, which required surgery last week. There are some funny moments as well—Griffin joked about JJ Redick’s podcast and talked about the disappointing seasons he’s had recently with the Clippers.

Where he plays next, however, is yet to be decided. Maybe he’ll end up on the same team that drafts Lonzo Ball and we will really have something to talk about.

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