Blake Griffin And Jimmy Butler Are Ready To Do Battle With The Monstars

12.01.16 1 year ago

Screenshot via Nike

I really feel bad for basketball people because their sport’s go-to movie is Space Jam, which sucks and was never good. So when it’s time to stick Blake Griffin and Jimmy Butler into a sneaker ad, someone in the marketing agency stands up and says, “Let’s get some Space Jam references in there,” and no one disagrees.

So that’s what you get here — thinly veiled shots from Griffin, Butler, and Bugs Bunny at the Golden State Warriors, who are fun and awesome, unlike Space Jam. The Monstars must be stopped because they are a “super team” and Griffin and Butler have got this. One plays for the Clippers and one plays for the Bulls, so I don’t know how they can contractually unite to beat space aliens in street games, but I didn’t think up this ad.

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