Blake Griffin Knocked The Shot Clock Off The Basket With A Ferocious Pre-Game Dunk

The city of Vancouver was extremely excited to host a preseason NBA game. It’s been well over a decade since the Grizzlies fled for Memphis, after all, robbing beautiful British Columbia of the chance for a first-row seat to league action on a consistent basis. And not only would those in attendance get to watch Canada’s only remaining NBA team, but some of basketball’s most ferocious high-flyers, too.

Well, as long as Blake Griffin didn’t tear down the basket in pre-game warm-ups, that is.

During layup lines for the Los Angeles Clippers’ exhibition contest against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday evening, Griffin finished a self alley-oop with such authority that the shot clock at Rodgers Arena fell backwards from its perch above the hoop. Watch the background of the video above for evidence of the former dunk contest champion’s basket-wrecking slam.

Fans at the arena seemed to be just as excited by Griffin’s antics as DeAndre Jordan, who gave a calm, knowing fist-pump as he watched the shot clock tumble toward the floor.

Thankfully, the shot clock was restored to its rightful place just in time for tip-off. And despite the best efforts of Jordan in a dunk-filled first half, its even remained there for the game’s duration, too.