The Internet Had A Good Time With The Report That Blake Griffin Punched A Clippers Staffer

blake griffin
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So, Blake Griffin will miss multiple weeks because he reportedly punched a Clippers equipment staffer and broke his hand, which is a perfectly normal and reasonable thing to do if you’re a talented goon in the second act of an underdog sports movie, but not so much when you’re one of the biggest stars in the NBA and one of the most important players to an NBA title hopeful.

In fact, when you’re in Blake Griffin’s position, breaking your hand on a team employee’s face is a completely ridiculous thing to do (and probably indicative of poor punching form), and as is custom when athletes do ridiculous things, the fine folks of Sports Twitter were there to lambaste Blake for it. First, let’s get the obligatory (but still great) Crying Jordan meme out of the way:

Let’s go from there to a more subtle flavoring: truther takes — where’s the real conspiracy here, hmm?

And of course, there’s the old classic: older tweets with new context that makes said tweets queasy and inappropriate! This one is an absolute doozy.

Woof. That right fist is front and center. Together We Will… what, exactly? Drive Blake to the hospital? Alright, let’s just get a couple more joke tweets in here and get out of the way. Suffice to say, this made for a pretty fun half hour on Sports Twitter.

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