Blake Griffin Certainly Found Out Just How Much Thunder Fans Want Him On The Team

We’re living in an age when the highest class of stars and superstars are changing teams at the peak of their careers more than ever before. Kevin Durant’s only historical precedent is LeBron James just a few short years ago, and even players like Al Horford would have been less likely to switch teams a decade ago. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder fanbases are as optimistic as they’ve ever been about luring marquee players in free agency. Take Blake Griffin, one of the faces of the Clippers and a year away from a supposedly drama-less free agency period. He’s really hearing it from Thunder fans above.

Blake was attending an event at his alma mater (for one season), the University of Oklahoma. The Sooner State is also where he was born and raised, which means that in the void left by Durant, we may be in store for a season of pining like we saw from Wizards fans when KD himself was pondering his choices. Griffin, hearing the response from the crowd, reacted like a man first becoming painfully aware of the season of questions that’s about to unfold.

Of course, who doesn’t want to be cheered like that? Plus, the Thunder are a more attractive option basketball-wise than the Wizards ever were to Durant, with Russell Westbrook signed for the next few years plus some other intriguing pieces. And that’s what Griffin will hear ad nauseum all year, so he better get his chuckles out now.