The Time Blake Griffin’s Uber Driver Offered Him A Sandwich From His Glove Box

Blake Griffin
Getty Image

Blake Griffin took a ride with perhaps the best Uber driver ever and now I feel dissatisfied with my overall Uber experiences. The Los Angeles Clippers’ all-star forward had the most amazing Uber experience ever when his hero of a driver offered him a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, but one that he removed from his glove compartment.

I have so many questions. First of all, how long has this sandwich been in this glove box, and how sanitary would it be if Griffin actually ate it? And does this driver offer this glove-box sandwich to all of his customers, or was Griffin special? Lastly, let me add that the driver taking it out of the box and attempting to “heat” the sandwich in the sun on his dashboard makes them the real MVP.

I’m personally not a big fan of bologna, but if this increases my chances of getting sandwiches during my Uber rides, I’m all for it.

(Via Sporting News)