Boban Marjanović Shows Us How Gigantic His Hands Are In Comparison To A Normal Person

The San Antonio Spurs’ 7’3 Serbian rookie Boban Marjanović had one of the better games of his young career on Monday night, dropping 17 points while going 7-7 from the field against the Timberwolves. The import was supposed to be something of a project for San Antonio, but he’s proven to be quite a valuable asset quicker than many anticipated.

Following the team’s win over the Wolves, Marjanović was interviewed by reporter Andrew Monaco. It was a fine interview, but the best moment came as it concluded, when the two parties shook hands. As a 7’3 human, you expect Marjanović to have some big mitts, but you need to see them in action to appreciate just how monstrous they are.


To be fair, the reporter appears to be well short of 7’3 and could have hands the size of that guy from the Burger King commercial, but it’s more likely that he has average-sized hands and Marjanović is lugging around some serious man hands.

Here’s an actual basketball highlight for some context:

Yup, those are some big hands, alright. It could help explain, at least partially, why Marjanović’s game has transitioned so quickly to the NBA, but Monaco should consider himself lucky to come away from that handshake with all his bones intact. Might want to just stick with a fist bump next time, just to be safe.