Boban Marjanovic Explains How He’d Use A Baseball, A Dog, And More To Take Out John Wick

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Boban Marjanovic is quickly becoming one of the NBA’s most marketable big men since a young Shaquille O’Neal. Whether it’s the now-iconic image of him dunking over opponents without even leaving his feet, the wildly-entertaining Bobi and Tobi show with Tobias Harris, or any number of his other antics, the Sixers’ big man seems to be everywhere at once, making folks smile at every turn along the way.

That includes a guest appearance as a villain in the latest installment of action franchise, John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum, which hits theaters Friday. With the Sixers now ousted from the postseason, Marjanovic has turned his full attention to marketing the Keanu Reeves vehicle, which has led him and best bud Harris to a red-carpet appearance at its L.A. premiere.

But Bobi hasn’t stopped there. In a recent appearance for Yahoo Sports, he continued his press junket for the film, participating in a silly game in which he demonstrates how he might use various random objects — a banana, a dog, a small child, etc. — to fight his formidable on-screen foe.

With the Sixers now ousted from the postseason, we’re just grateful Boban is still out here doing what he’s best at: bringing entertainment to the masses. For all our sake, let’s hope Philly decides to keep the Bobi and Tobi show together this summer as they look toward the future. And to Keanu Reeves: If you see a 7’3 center for the Philadelphia 76ers holding a puppy around you any time soon, we advise you to run.