Boban Marjanovic Tried To Go To SoulCycle But Couldn’t Because They Don’t Have Size 20 Shoes

04.16.18 9 months ago

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The NBA Playoffs have just begun and will rightfully dominate basketball coverage nationally for the next two months, with some intermittent looks in at the NBA Draft Lottery and the coaching carousel for those not vying for the Larry O’Brien trophy.

For players on those 14 NBA teams not fortunate enough to make the postseason, the offseason has begun and with the offseason comes the constant battle between rest and staying in peak shape. Some players prefer to take a few weeks off once the season concludes to unwind and relax, while others adopt the “No Days Off” approach and immediately hop back in the gym.

On the Clippers, their delightful frontcourt duo of Boban Marjanovic and Tobias Harris appear to be on opposite ends of that spectrum. The two, both dealt to L.A. in the Blake Griffin deal, have become close friends and that friendship has been one of the best things to follow on social media in the NBA this season. Harris posted a string of videos to his Instagram story on Sunday explaining what happened when Boban (who he affectionately calls Bobi) dragged him to SoulCycle only to find out they were not equipped to handle a man of Marjanovic’s stature.

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