Boozer-for-Tyrus in 3-team trade; Marbury and A.I. still jobless

07.10.09 10 years ago 136 Comments

Beyond the growing reality that Carlos Boozer is turning himself into a Ted DiBiase-style villain — he might as well put Delonte West in the Million Dollar Dream and hire Kosta Koufos to be his Virgil every time he plays in Cleveland — the trade being discussed (last time we checked) that would send Boozer to the Bulls has bigger implications: All three teams involved would get better because of it. The rumored deal would give Chicago that low-post scorer (Boozer) they’ve been missing ever since Elton Brand left town; Portland would get an upgrade at PG in Kirk Hinrich; and Utah would get an athletic PF in Tyrus Thomas who can finish what Deron Williams starts, defend the rim, and run with Jerry Sloan‘s fast lineup. And more importantly, gives Utah room to re-sign Paul Millsap as the starting four. More players would have to be involved for money purposes, and the deal is still in the negotiation phase, but if it happens, it’s a win-win-win. The only loser is Tyrus’ social life … If the three-way trade doesn’t happen, the Blazers reportedly plan to make a bid for Ray Felton, who’s a restricted free agent. Michael Jordan has said he doesn’t see Felton going anywhere, but Portland has enough money to outbid the cash-strapped Bobcats … We know, don’t ever read too much into summer league stats, but it’s hard to look at the Pacers’ undefeated summer squad and not assume their big-league team will have a decent frontline next season. Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Hibbert are routinely slapping up 20-point games in the Orlando Summer Pro League, and when you bring Troy “Commander BONG” Murphy and Jeff “White Varejao” Foster into the mix come the regular season, Danny Granger will only have to worry about getting buckets while those guys handle the dirty work. Hansbrough (22 pts) and Hibbert (28 pts, 9 rebs) led Indiana to a win over Boston yesterday, while Chris Lofton (21 pts) hit six threes for the Celts … Meanwhile, the Nets/Sixers combined squad is winless in Orlando, and in three of their four games have failed to crack 70 points. Russell Westbrook gave Philly/Jersey 19 points and nine assists yesterday, while B.J. Mullens scored 18. Today is the last day of the Orlando league, and the first day of the Vegas league, where there are more teams, some of the games are on TV, and more veteran NBA stars drop by the gym randomly on their way to the casino … Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury are still looking for work. It looks like Memphis or Miami will land A.I., but Steph might be cashing his checks in euros next season. We’re not worried about Iverson yet, but we want to see him land in a good situation. If he still doesn’t have a team in a couple of weeks, this could turn into one of those bizarre Barry Bonds situations where you’ve got a Hall of Fame talent who can still play waiting by the phone and nobody wants any part of him … Meanwhile, D-Wade wants the Heat to nab Iverson. Or just somebody. But as you know, Pat Riley is playing a dangerous game of chicken, trying not to improve the roster unless Wade signs an extension. “Coach Riley opened up the wound when he said, ‘Until Dwyane signs back, we can’t do anything,'” Wade told the Miami Herald. “But me and Pat Riley are not against each other. We both want the same thing. We’re just in two different positions.” This could end badly if you’re a Heat fan, not so badly if you’re going for the Knicks … Jordan Crawford must be loving this 15 minutes of fame (we hear there’s a VH1 reality show in the works for him), but you know Courtney Lee is sitting somewhere wondering where’s his shine. He dunked on LeBron twice in front of a national TV audience during the playoffs, and it’s already been forgotten. So do you see where it would have been in LeBron’s best interest to just let the Crawford tape do what it was gonna do? … Dime’s Aron Phillips is at L.A. this week hoping to bump into Rosie Perez, and last night sent us this: “Driving back from the courts at Venice Beach to the hotel, who do I see but Lamar Odom crossing the street. Clearly free agency isn’t on his mind.” … We’re out like Starbury …

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