Boston T-Shirt Vendors Sold ‘Durant Is A B*tch’ Shirts Prior To KD Tearing Up The Celtics

11.19.16 1 year ago 9 Comments

Boston fans really don’t like Kevin Durant. Over the summer, Durant interviewed with the Celtics while he was a free agent. Of course, this ended up not working out for the folks in Beantown, because KD signed with the Warriors.

The Celtics and their fans tried really hard to convince Durant to sign with the team. He was promised unlimited crab legs, the team put on the full-court press during their pitch to bring him in, and even Reggie Lewis’ mother said Durant could wear her son’s number if he went to Boston.

Jae Crowder said he was upset that Durant learned about the team’s strategies for beating the Warriors, but other than that (which is admittedly a big deal), there probably aren’t too many reasons for Boston fans to be all that mad. But Durant apparently gets a ton of hate from the Celtics’ faithful, which seems a bit off-base. Their hatred of Durant goes beyond just some angry words, though. We learned this before the two teams played on Friday thanks to these “Kevin Durant is a Bitch” shirts.

The best part about this is that Durant proceeded to go out and carve up the Celtics. Durant had 23 points on 10-for-13 shooting with 10 rebounds, seven assists, and three steals in Golden State’s 104-88 win. So apologies to everyone who purchased one of these shirts with the hopes of getting in Durant’s head, because, uh, it didn’t work at all.

(Via CSN Bay Area)

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