Boston’s Intense Kevin Garnett Tribute Video

01.26.14 6 years ago 6 Comments

Current Nets forward Kevin Garnett can be a bundle of intensity that’s oftentimes overwhelming. Every time he headbutt’s the basket stanchion before games, its easy to say he’s crazy. But the love the Celtics crowd showed him upon his return with teammate Paul Pierce Sunday night, celebrated that warrior mentality. Their tribute video was every bit as fierce as Garnett was during his six seasons in Boston.

While it might not have had as much emotional resonance as Pierce’s own tribute video, it was still a fitting salute to a man that helped usher in the next wave of title-contending years with his franchise-changing trade from Minnesota to Boston in the summer of 2007.

Boston really knows how to treat two of their own.

video via TheBrooklynGame

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