Bracketeering: The Layman’s Guide To Picking The Madness In March

Beware the Ides of March. A phrase I’m all too familiar with thanks to Ms. Valensky’s 11th grade English class, when I learned of Julius Caesar‘s impending and eventual demise on the 15th of March, at the hands of Brutus. In recent history, however, the madness of “The Ides” have taken on a whole new meaning. I’m referring to the three-week stretch where college basketball fans come out of the woodwork to partake in the do-or-die festivities that is March Madness.

With the tournament expanding to 68 teams this year and the “First Four” round coincidentally taking place on the Ides of March 15th, it’s time for fans to sharpen their collective college basketball knowledge and get caught up in the hysteria. Whether it’s using whatever you see on ESPN highlights, copying experts’ picks, or just picking based on your favorite NBA players’ alma maters, we all have our own methods of selecting a complete bracket.

But for all you bracket-challenged individuals pining to come out on top of your respective pools, I may have just the read for you: Bracketeering: The Layman’s Guide to Picking the Madness in March. Born out of a manuscript that he wrote when he was 16, Bracketeering is a Moneyball-inspired system devised by author Andrew Clark that provides a step-by-step, how-to guide that gives even the most novice of March Madness pool-participants a significant edge in picking a winning bracket. With an impressive track record – picking four of the last six winners – Clark offers a calculated round-by-round breakdown on how to make even the most difficult decisions (i.e. between seemingly equally matched teams) with the use of simple math and a little logic.

With my last successful bracket coming in 2005, I’ve grown tired of finishing in the middle-of-the-pack and I feel like I’m long overdue for a good showing. After reading this book, I have faith that if I adhere to its principles, I will reign dominance once again.

Though filling out a Sheet of Integrity – as Clark eloquently puts it – can be a daunting task, Bracketeering‘s thoroughness allows you to feel comfortable that you made the right picks and avoids any unanticipated moments of “Et tu, Brute?” or in this case, “Et tu, (fill in favorite team that gets upset here)?”

Bracketeering is available in bookstores throughout the country, as well as through Amazon and the publisher’s website, ACTASports.com.

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