Brad Stevens Gave An Update On Gordon Hayward’s Status And Claims ‘No Ill Will’ Towards Cavs

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Gordon Hayward’s gruesome leg injury he suffered on Tuesday night left the entire sports world in shock, and for good reason. Hayward joined an unfortunate collection of athletes including Shaun Livingston, Paul Goerge, and Kevin Ware, among others, where the injury is so disturbing, so upsetting, they put you at a loss for words. It’s part of being a professional athlete, sure, but it’s impossible not to feel bad for these guys.

The initial diagnoses on Hayward was a dislocated and fractured left tibia, and Brad Stevens confirmed that diagnoses in a press conference on Wednesday night. He will require surgery, of course, but both the Celtics and Hayward are still trying to decide when and where to have that procedure done.

Of particular note to Celtics fans, Stevens wouldn’t declare whether or not Hayward’s injury is season-ending. Regardless of when Hayward returns to the court, the Celtics are expecting a full recovery.

Stevens also made it a point to acknowledge the amazing work by the Cavaliers and their medical staff. “I thought the Cavs organization was top notch in taking care of him of while we were there. We all appreciated that.”

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