Bradley Beal Thinks ‘Cleveland Didn’t Want To See’ The Wizards In The Playoffs

05.18.17 2 years ago 5 Comments

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The Cleveland Cavaliers rolled through the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference Finals series with a 117-104 road win. The Cavs are now 9-0 in this year’s playoffs and have yet to really seem tested by anyone in the East, aside from a game or two in the first round against Indiana. Boston’s lack of scoring options to take advantage of Cleveland’s lone weakness, defense (if that’s even the case anymore), left them unable to withstand the Cavs’ offensive onslaught in Game 1.

Cleveland appears to be well on their way to another Finals appearance, their third straight, as it will take a dramatic turnaround from Boston to be competitive in this series. While the Pacers, Raptors, and now Celtics have appeared to be no match for LeBron James and company, that doesn’t stop Wizards guard Bradley Beal from playing the “what if” game after Washington fell a game short of the Eastern Conference Finals, losing Game 7 in Boston.

Beal spoke with CSN Mid-Atlantic’s Chris Miller for an interview on Thursday, and expressed his feelings that the Wizards, had they gotten past the Celtics, could’ve given Cleveland problems and even suggested the Cavs dropped to the 2-seed to avoid them.

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