Brian Windhorst Had More Fun Than Anyone On Free Agency Night

Forget about Paul George or Stephen Curry, Brian Windhorst had the best July 1 in sports television history.

The ESPN reporter had an bit of fun on live television, whether it was intentional or not. Windhorst joined a live broadcast late Friday night to provide some insight on the Paul George trade, which was a shock to many and definitely needed some explaining from the experts. Few, if any, thought George would be heading to Oklahoma City, but off he went on Friday and, well, off Windhorst went on live television.

No, really, the dude just slid right through the picture like he were riding a go kart when his name was called on TV. Chicago Sun-Times hockey reporter Mark Lazerus took video of the live shot and posted it to Twitter, and it quickly gained some traction.


It’s not exactly the same as the time an ESPN reporter literally walked away during a live shot, but it’s far more fun. How did he slide through so smoothly? Did someone push him? Were the floors recently waxed? Did Windhorst figure out a way to eliminate friction and accidentally solve the impossibilities of perpetual motion?

Ramona Shelbourne, who did some heavy lifting on the reporting of the Paul George trade, couldn’t help but laugh as Windhorst slid through the camera’s view with an alarmed look on his face. This face, to be exact:

Windhorst himself found Lazerus’ tweet and added his own comment later in the evening.

Adrian Wojnarowski’s official ESPN debut was supposed to be the highlight of the night for the four-letter, but on Friday night Windhorst stole the show.