The NBA Impersonator Honors Kobe Bryant’s Wish With A Hilarious Portrayal Of Bob Cousy

What Kobe Bryant wants, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar gets – especially in the wake of his retirement announcement late last month. Following his team’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night, Bryant was asked by Loud Genius which player he’d most like to see Brandon Armstrong, the NBA Impersonator, mimic next.

“Man,” the five-time champion said before shaking his head and closing his eyes in thought. “Hmm. I dont know, he’s kind of done all the top guys. You’d have to kind of go back in the day.”

More thinking.

Bob Cousy,” he said finally. And less than a day later, Armstrong honored Bryant’s wish in his typically hilarious and scary-accurate fashion.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cousy’s playing style, you should know that Armstrong’s impersonation is barely hyperbole. Though the Boston Celtics point guard was the most exciting playmaker in basketball throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, he wasn’t exactly a bastion of modern fundamentals – namely, comfort dribbling with his off-hand.

How many lefty bounces, for instance, does Cousy take in the highlight video below?

But it was a much different time 60 years ago, and Cousy was an absolutely electric player despite his obvious deficiencies. Look no further than his six championships with Bill Russell and company as evidence of that reality.

Did Kobe appreciate Armstrong’s impression of Cousy as much he did the one of himself? We’ll let you know when the Black Mamba inevitably responds.

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