Video: Brandon Jennings’ Sick Off-The-Backboard Alley-Oop To Andre Drummond

There aren’t many 20-year-olds that can steal a pass, sprint the length of the court in a couple huge strides before collecting the return pass off the glass to throw down a filthy dunk. Then again, not many people are Andre Drummond. Still, it’s remarkable to see a 7-footer move the way he does in this play from last night.

In last night’s Lakers-Pistons battle, Steve Blake ran a pick-and-roll with Jordan Hill that Drummond jumped on. He stole the pass from Blake to a cutting Hill, and immediately bounced it to point guard Brandon Jennings. The former Buck raced down the court in unison with Drummond, and threw a wild pass hard against the backboard. As you can see, it might have seemed out of control, but Drummond had no trouble throwing down the high difficultly alley-oop after the ball violently caroms off the backboard.

Unfortunately for the Pistons, the Lakers still won, 114-99, after dominating the second half at the Staples Center. Still, Drummond and Jennings teamed up for that highlight, and Josh Smith had a pretty nice slam over Pau Gasol in the first quarter. Now the Pistons just need to work on their defense.

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