This Young Baller Broke A Sweet Old Grandma’s Ankles


Okay, before we get any further, we have to say that we both have immense respect for this sweet woman for getting out on the court with her grandson, and we sincerely hope she’s okay. Anyone who’s had an older relative experience a fall knows how harrowing and damaging it can be. With that out of the way, we can now all cringe-laugh together at one of the best possible applications of the neologism “savage move” we’ve ever seen. Crossing up your grandma is a savage move, and I don’t care how millennial that makes me sound.

This (admittedly old, but we just saw it) video is some wonderful, supremely dark comedy, partly because the kid’s basketball skills have a distinct Bieberian vibe — certainly, he can get the ball through his legs and side to side with no problem, but those moves wouldn’t fool anyone with even passable lateral motion. (Maybe Greg Monroe.) Of course, we have to allow that he was going easy on his grandmother, but if that were true, what’s he doing trying to cross her up anyhow?

The cameraman had the right idea immediately abandoning his filming to check on that (again, probably incredibly cool and nice) grandma, but the internet had no such urgency. Neither did they have any shame in giving her the ultimate badge of Twitter shame:

Props to the woman for a fire sweater/shoelace combo, though.

(H/t House of Highlights)

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