Breaking News: Detroit Pistons Decide to Fire Lawrence Frank

(NBA Coaching) Heads continue to roll. A few hours ago, it was Byron Scott who got the business, it is now apparently Lawrence Frank‘s turn. Whereas B-Scott’s dismissal was reported to be at least partially tied up in issues with Dan Gilbert and Kyrie Irving, it looks like Frank was doomed mainly because the Pistons stink. Terribly.

From Marc Stein on ESPN.com:

[Piston owner Tom] Gores said before the season that he expected the Pistons, despite their youth, to reach the playoffs this season. Dumars is expected to survive despite Detroit’s rough season, thanks largely to the considerable salary-cap space that the Pistons are positioned to have this summer along with the promise shown by two young big men Dumars drafted: Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond.

The Pistons started the season 0-8 and were repeatedly uncompetitive in March to only amplify rumblings in coaching circles that Frank’s players had stopped responding to him. On top of three straight home defeats by at least 26 points, Detroit also lost by 32 points in Los Angeles against Clippers with the L.A.-based Gores courtside.

Serious question though: Could any coach have won with that Pistons roster??

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