BREAKING NEWS: Kings Hire Paul Westphal

06.10.09 10 years ago 10 Comments

After spending his last eight years coaching at Pepperdine, serving as an assistant under Avery Johnson in Dallas, and attending multiple Clay Aiken concerts with his wife (yes, that happened), Paul Westphal is back. Kings GM Geoff Petrie chose Westphal over LA Lakers’ assistant Kurt Rambis and Boston defensive specialist Tom Thibodeau.

Frankly, those Clay Aiken concerts sound like fun compared to trying to win in the West with the Kings’ roster. Enjoy yourself, Paulie!

It had been 27 days since Paul Westphal made his pitch to be the Kings’ next coach, when he sat with the team’s brass in a Las Vegas hotel room and assured them that he could succeed in the future just as he had in the past.

Tuesday evening, the pitch paid off.

The Kings are going to stink no matter what. So what type of pitch could Westphal have given that really would stand out from the rest of the group? Did he say that he has the magic potion to keep Kevin Martin healthy?

In truth, he laid out a price that was well within the Maloof‘s comfort zone. That’s what set him apart. While Sacramento might have to pay Thibodeau or Rambis more to lure them away from great situations on championship-contending benches, Westphal was willing to work for less – two years at $1.5 million with a third-year option closer to $2 million.

When the Kings get good again, maybe Sacramento will re-up with Westphal. Or maybe they’ll just ride out the rebuilding years with him and then go get one of those other guys at that juncture.

Source: Sac Bee

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