Breaking News: Mike D’Antoni Is Out As The Knicks Coach

Well that was quick. With the losses mounting – six in a row currently for New York – and the postseason chances dwindling (especially now that Milwaukee looks to be going all in to make the NBA’s second season), Mike D’Antoni and Knicks owner James Dolan mutually agreed to part ways today. Whereas just a few short weeks ago, we were all praising D’Antoni’s system and how it had made a star out of Jeremy Lin, it’s all over now. This was D’Antonio’s fourth year in New York, and supposedly his best team. But with the coach and star player butting heads, the Knicks desperately needed a change.

According to Yahoo! Sports, a source says, “It was a mutual decision to no longer coach the Knicks … conflicting visions of the club’s future.”

For now, assistant coach Mike Woodson will take over as the interim head coach. Funny, because fans and critics have been calling for the defensive guru to do just that for the last few weeks.

Donnie Walsh and D’Antoni never wanted to trade for ‘Melo. Now they are both out, and in steps a man who’s probably a better fit for this team anyways.

A change was necessary to move forward. Earlier today, reports surfaced saying Carmelo Anthony would welcome a trade less than a year after we were all bumping Diddy‘s “Coming Home” backed by Anthony jump shot snippets. But with his contract, and with the residue of all New York gave up to get him still clinging on like a bad case of the flu, it’d look like a colossal failure to deal the biggest star Madison Square Garden has had since perhaps Patrick Ewing. That left another easy scapegoat.

Before we start singing the praises of Woodson, and how he turned a pathetic defense into one that at least didn’t resemble a doormat (despite their recent run of disaster, they’re still 10th in defensive efficiency), let’s wait to take in the influx of Phil Jackson-to-New York rumors in 3…2…1…

Is this a good move?

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