Breaking news: Sixers to Sit Andrew Bynum for 3 Weeks Due to Knee Issues

Well that didn’t take long.

It was well-known that Andrew Bynum traveled to Germany earlier in the month to receive the same type of revolutionary treatment that Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez have pioneered in recent years on both of the center’s knees.

After being cleared to play in Sixers camp last week, word just hit that Bynum is now going to be out for three weeks. The team said today that Bynum had a bone bruise on his right knee and the rest is just a precaution. He will continue to participate in low-impact conditioning drills, but still this isn’t really a great sign, especially since just last week everything “felt very good.”

The procedure, Orthokine therapy, consists of injections of plasma-rich platelets that supposedly stimulate healing in arthritis-affected areas in the knees.

How worried should the Sixers be about Andrew Bynum’s knees?

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