Breaking News: St. John’s Coach Steve Lavin Battling Prostate Cancer

04.08.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

I’ve heard of people “manning up” before, but Saint John’s men’s basketball coach Steve Lavin takes the cake.

Earlier today the school announced that Lavin was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer last fall. Instead of taking a leave of absence, Lavin did a fantastic job in turning around a once-illustrious Saint John’s basketball program that had been in the doldrums for years. The Red Storm finished this season with a 21-12 record, tied for 3rd in the Big East, and a 6th seed in the NCAA tournament.

According to Lavin, he did not want to distract the team, and therefore withheld treatment and the announcement. He apparently does not plan on missing any time and if everything goes well with his treatment will continue to go about business as usual.

If he didn’t have your respect before, I’m pretty sure he has it now.

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