Enjoy Brian Scalabrine Demolishing An Overconfident Teen 11-0 In 1-On-1

Every now and then, we can use a reminder that it is really insanely impossibly hard to be a professional basketball player. This goes for leagues all over the world, but this is especially true of the NBA. If you are a regular person and you see an NBA player, they are better than you at basketball. Don’t think too much about it! They’re better than you! It’s ok!

We haven’t had a good video to really hammer this point home in a while, but fortunately for us, Brian Scalabrine is here. Scalabrine, who calls Boston Celtics games in retirement, put up meager numbers in his career — 3.1 points and two rebounds in 13 minutes per game in 11 years in the Association — but because he played in the NBA, he is better than most humans alive at basketball.

One teen learned this lesson the hard way. Thanks to this video making its way around the internet, we saw an epic tale of someone named Zay, a high school hooper, challenging Scal to 1-on-1 to 11 and getting beaten so badly that he had to hand over his sneakers.

Listen, just leave Brian Scalabrine alone, man. Let him get up shots in peace. Maybe say hi! He seems like a nice enough dude. But under absolutely zero circumstances should your reaction be “I am capable of beating this former NBA player in a game of 1-on-1.” You will lose. Although it is very fun to watch when it happens, so on the other hand, please keep doing this.