Did ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Fall Asleep On Live Television?

SportsCenter may have long ago become a boring talk-fest rather than the fun highlight package it was in its heyday, but we didn’t think it had the power to put even people appearing on the program to sleep. ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst is a great journalist who’s built a career on his insight into LeBron James’ inner circle, but he had possibly his lowest moment today.

As a chronic napper in high school, I know how easy it can be to lapse into unconsciousness if the subject matter at hand is a little too dry, but Windhorst is on another level. There’s an argument to be made that he just didn’t hear the question and was reading something, but the little sag in his mouth gives him away. Impressively, he managed to wake up and resume talking without any noticeable grogginess. Too bad an eagle-eyed viewer caught it.