The NBA’s Lopez Brothers Finally Gave Chewbacca A Medal As ‘Star Wars’ Completists Rejoice

Brook and Robin Lopez have some of the more eclectic interests in the NBA. They are also, evidently, true humanitarians. Recently, they went to Disneyland, but they did not spend their time merely enjoying some rides and hanging out with Mickey Mouse or whatever. No, they decided to take the time to right a wrong and give Chewbacca a medal.

For anybody who happens to have no clue what that means, it has been a bone of contention for decades among Star Wars fans that at the end of A New Hope Chewbacca is not given a medal. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker got medals, but not the Wookie, despite the fact that Chewbacca is just as much of a hero as his human counterparts. This is the sort of thing Star Wars fans would complain about until they got mad at the prequels for ruining their childhoods or at George Lucas for making Greedo shoot first.

Brook and Robin have fixed this, though, by giving Chewbacca a medal at Disneyland. They also gave themselves medals, presumably to honor themselves for giving Chewbacca a medal. While Robin Lopez has a long-running vendetta against mascots, apparently he’s cool with Wookies.

(h/t Pro Basketball Talk)