Brook Lopez Isn’t Just Going To Disney World, He’s Going To Live There

By being a professional athlete, Brook Lopez has already fulfilled one very common childhood dream. Now, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, he’s about to fulfill another: living in Disney World.

Nets center Brook Lopez, 26, a longtime Disneyphile with a Goofy figurine in his locker, told the Daily News that he is building a luxury home on site at his favorite Orlando resort.

“My older brother Chris sent me a link when the property development was first announced three or four years ago now,” Lopez said. “We joked about doing it. As it got more real and real, I just decided I wanted to do it.”

The opportunity arose with the advent of Disney’s sponsored Golden Oak — a 980-acre real estate development on the grounds of the theme park. Home ownership in the gated community starts at $1.8 million and, according to the Wall Street Journal, houses have sold for as much as $7 million with hefty annual fees. It is popular amongst wealthy Brazilians.

Living in this new development also brings with it some pretty sweet perks, like free passes to all four of Disney’s parks and the chance to party with Disney characters. Who knows? He may get to hang with his favorite Disney princess (yes, he has one, but then again, don’t we all?).

The top-tier NBA players earn enough money to build houses basically wherever they want, with places like Miami, Los Angeles and New York being popular destinations. Orlando wouldn’t make sense for most NBA players, but for Lopez, an admitted Disney and comic book nerd (Disney owns Marvel Comics, although Lopez is a DC fan), it makes all the sense in the world.

(New York Daily News)