Brook Lopez Had Some Hilarious Thoughts On His Brother’s Fight With Serge Ibaka

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Bulls center Robin Lopez and Raptors forward Serge Ibaka were ejected from Tuesday night’s game after getting into a legitimate fight late in the third quarter. Lopez and Ibaka traded punches while being separated by teammates and refs and were immediately ejected from the game.

Brook Lopez, Robin’s twin brother, was asked if he’d heard about the incident following the Nets win over the Pistons that ended on a buzzer-beater by Brook. Lopez said he had people talking to him about it during the game, and then offered some very funny thoughts on the scrap.

“It was something apparently. A little old school NBA. Yeah, maybe we’ll get a grudge match, who knows? I’m pulling for Ibaka though.”

It’s hilarious to hear Brook say he’s pulling for Ibaka if they were to fight again. The Lopez brothers are both funny guys, and Brook, when asked if he and Robin ever got into fights like that, explained what his strategy was to beat Robin and also wasn’t surprised to learn Robin threw the first punch.

“Absolutely. We absolutely did. I’ll tell you right now, if that were me out there, I’ll win that on the ground. He always does [throw the first punch] though. He’s messed up like that.”

The NBA certainly won’t want an Ibaka-RoLo rematch fight, but if it happens, we know what corner Brook will be in (and he might be in there giving Serge advice to take the fight to the ground).