The Bulls Are A Mess, But The Front Office Plans On Keeping Things The Same

05.04.17 2 years ago

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The Chicago Bulls won the first two games of their first round series against the Celtics, surprising most everyone around the NBA. Chicago wasn’t supposed to do anything against the Celtics and weren’t supposed to be competitive, but after two games of great play (or Fool’s Gold, depending on who you ask) there was some optimism. And then the wheels fell off. Rajon Rondo got injured, the Bulls offensive output came to a grinding halt, and Boston won the next four games to advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The Bulls are a bit stymied this offseason by Dwyane Wade’s $23 million player option that he could very well pick up — it’s unknown his exact plans right now — but there are things they can do to free up cap space in the immediate future. Rondo’s contract is only guaranteed for $3 million if they waive him before the end of June, rather than the $13 million that gets guaranteed on July 1. Renouncing rights to Anthony Morrow also clears up a $6.6 million cap hold. In total, those two moves could clear the Bulls to close to $24 million in space, rather than the $7.4 million they will have otherwise.

However, the Bulls front office of John Paxson and Gar Forman, who are responsible for the roster’s terrible construction, seemed content in their Wednesday press conference to pass blame to coach Fred Hoiberg and move ahead with the team pretty much as constructed. The biggest thing they can do this offseason to create space is to let Rondo go, and use that $10 million they’d save elsewhere. That’s an easy choice, right?

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