Clyde Drexler Believes Houston Would’ve Beat The 1995 Bulls ‘Like They Stole Something’

07.07.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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In May, TNT’s Kenny Smith said that the 1994 Houston Rockets would have beaten a Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals even if Michael Jordan hadn’t retired.

“Oh we would’ve beat them,” Smith told the Scoop B Radio Podcast. “And actually everyone forgets he was playing the second year, he was wearing No. 45 and the team they lost to, the Orlando Magic, we swept them,” Smith said. “We were that much better than them that year, [and] they lost to them.”

Smith is not the only person who subscribes to this ‘what if theory.’ Add Smith’s Rockets teammate, Clyde Drexler to that list.

“We would’ve beat them like they stole something,” Clyde Drexler told Scoop B Radio.

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