C.J. Leslie H.S. Hoop Diary: Painful Losses & Animal Planet

01.07.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

Word of God Academy (Raleigh, N.C.) forward C.J. Leslie is a Top-10 prospect nationally. Previously committed to N.C. State, Leslie recently re-opened his recruiting and has opted to wait until the spring to decide on a college. That alone makes his one of the most intriguing stories in the 2010 senior class, and Leslie also happens to be one of its most exciting players. C.J. has agreed to give Dime and High School Hoop exclusive access in a bi-monthly diary about his season and the recruiting process as he inches closer to a decision. Here’s an excerpt from his latest entry:

*** *** ***

My list of schools is pretty long: Kentucky, N.C. State, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Georgetown, Connecticut … I may have left off a few. I plan on cutting my list down soon, though. At this point, no one’s really standing out right now; they’re pretty much all on the same level.

I know that recruits say that all the time, but it’s true. I’m being extra careful to KNOW for sure what school I want to go to. No pressure, though.

That’s what people don’t understand about this process… It’s fun to me! I don’t allow it to stress me out. It’s only stressful if you let it be stressful. I’m having a good time with it and with my season.

But it’s not all about basketball with me. I still have to hit the books and all that, but I like to watch a lot of TV. One of my favorite things to watch is Animal Planet. That channel just has some of the coolest things to watch. I like that show “I’m Alive” when the people get attacked by animals and live to tell about it. I saw one the other night about this man who was in the woods and he and his son got attacked by some bears. Crazy! Other than that, I really like to watch “Extreme Makover: Home Edition” because they give houses to families that really need them. I love stuff like that because I really like to help people who are less fortunate. I’m big on that.

You can read the rest of C.J.’s diary at HighSchoolHoop.com, where he talks about the toughest loss of W.O.G.’s season, being there in-person for the college hoops play of the year, and his upcoming recruiting schedule.

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