Can You Hear Me Now?

08.13.09 9 years ago 64 Comments

Holly Smith

When it’s a slow day in the basketball world, people get up to mischief in the Dime office. For example, last week an unnamed member of the Dime crew put two pieces of tape over the receiver of our new Operations Manager Holly Smith‘s phone. Seemingly innocent, but listen to what happened next.

So after a week of people complaining on the other end of the line that Holly “sounded like she was under water,” she called the phone company for them to come and inspect. This was yesterday. With two trained professionals checking out the phone, they couldn’t figure it out.

Then today UPS comes to deliver some packages, and sure enough there is one for Holly from the phone company. Not realizing what it was for, as the prank had been pulled a week ago, Holly goes on to tell us of her phone troubles. Immediately breaking out laughing, we show her the tape on the receiver. Case closed.

What’s the bet office pranks that you have pulled?


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