Nets Rookie Caris LeVert Shattered Wayne Ellington’s Ankles With A Brutal Crossover

Caris LeVert may only be a rookie, but he knows the most important rule of basketball: if you’re gonna break someone’s ankles, you better hit the shot.

The Brooklyn Nets rookie crossed up Wayne Ellington on Wednesday in the third quarter of the Nets’ home game against the Miami Heat. But this wasn’t just an ordinary crossover to create some space. LeVert put the Heat shooting guard on ice skates and threw that dude down a goddamn mountain.

LeVert stopped on his left foot just before the free throw circle, and a closely-guarding Ellington tumbled, rolling right out of frame on certain replays. The move was shades of Dwyane Wade crossing up Eric Snow.

LeVert even had a bit of time to watch Ellington tumble, then set his feet and stare down his shot as it fell uncontested. Well, I suppose Ellington sort of contested the shot. He put his hand up as he helplessly watched from the floor about six feet away.

This is about as disrespectful a rookie can get on the court without hearing about it from the vets on his team. The lesson here is do not blow a tire around Caris LeVert. Whether in video game form or in real life, he’s merciless.