Carl Landry To The Warriors; Nate Robinson Will Sign With Chicago

07.30.12 7 years ago
Someone finally picked up Carl Landry. We weren’t sure what was taking so long, and why one of the stupidest front offices in the league (Charlotte) appeared to be the only team going after Landry. But at least the wait is over. Landry was considered the best unrestricted free agent still available, and despite that, he’s signing a very modest deal for two years and $8 million with Golden State. The second year is a player option, which means the power forward will almost assuredly opt out next summer to test his luck again (something Jamal Crawford did recently, and cashed in this summer with the Clippers). Golden State doesn’t have a playoff team. They’ll be improved, and are going to rain Hell from the perimeter with Harrison Barnes, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, but won’t be quite good enough to crack the second season. Still, this is an awesome signing for them as Landry is just a dude who always plays hard, and always plays unselfishly. You can always use more people like that … One other move for Golden State yesterday: they signed Draymond Green to a three-year, $2.6 million deal (team option on third season) after he impressed them in summer league … Deron Williams spewed off at the mouth recently about how the balls being used in the Olympics are pretty slippery and are causing a bit of an adjustment for Team USA. That’s funny – we feel like we haven’t seen D-Will miss a shot yet. The team is also complaining about the arena, which sports about 20 feet between the court and the stands. If we were these guys, we’d actually be happy about the extra space. We wouldn’t be trying to get too close to some of these fans. Have you seen these dudes? We’ve already seen a guy who looked like a 400-pound Joker, and another who obviously did not glance in the mirror before going out, his face all types of random colors, one of those ridiculous fake afros and an outfit that looked like a female bathing suit from the 1940s. And that was in an Argentina versus Lithuania matchup where both teams are basically playing for a bronze. Imagine how they might act against the U.S.? … Will the dimensions actually have an effect on the team’s play? We’re not sure. With small ball, we’re counting on the jumper more than ever before. The team better hope we win gold, or if we lose, that it’s not because we have one of those nights where no one can make a shot (it could definitely happen against Spain) and the basket seems to swallow everything and spit it back out. Remember when the Lakers lost that regular season game against Miami and Kobe decided he’d impress the media, and come back out after the game and shoot jumpers until they kicked him out? With a loss in the Olympics, Bryant might just stay over in the gym in London and not come back until the start of the NBA season … Speaking of the Lakers, it sounds like they’re bringing Eddie Jordan in as an assistant coach because they have a couple of big fans of his work with the Princeton offense. Yahoo! Sports reports Mike Brown is interested, as is Kobe, and the latter truly believes this system – which incorporates a lot of high post action and a ton of passing – would be absolutely perfect for the Black Swan. Pau Gasol has taken some heat the past few seasons, but he HAS to be looking forward to next season. Not only will he have an offense that lets him do something other than stand 15 feet from the rim and catch bailout passes from Bryant, but he also has Steve Nash to get him open looks for 35 minutes a night, and hopefully overtake him for the worst hair on the team … Keep reading to hear about an under-the-radar Clipper trade …

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