Twitter Trolls Came After Carli Lloyd And Kobe Bryant Had Her Back

Carli Lloyd, Kobe Bryant
Getty Image

It’s probably a weird time to be American hero and U.S. Women’s National Team captain Carli Lloyd. She is currently stuck in a position where she is supposed to play for her club team, but because the Yanks won the World Cup and she was the tournament’s best player, Lloyd is doing a lot of media appearances that take her away from her team.

Someone on Twitter had a question: how is Lloyd able to balance both of these? According to Lloyd, it’s all mental.

Because Twitter can be the worst thing in the world sometimes, someone saw this and decided to accuse Lloyd of only wanting to be a celebrity, which she said is a lie.

However, because Twitter can actually be the best thing in the world sometimes, a few people came to Lloyd’s defense, none more notable than Los Angeles Lakers guard and noted USWNT/Carli Lloyd fan Kobe Bryant.

Phil Jackson was right, you can definitely feel Mamba’s hatred…well, maybe not his hatred, but certainly his disdain for trolls on Twitter.

(via NJ.com)