Carlos Boozer Says ‘I Want To Play Again,’ But Should He?

Carlos Boozer
Getty Image

You may or may not have noticed, but Carlos Boozer did not play in the NBA last season. No, he wasn’t one of those guys who went off to China à la Stephon Marbury. After a season with the Lakers that Boozer referred to as a “tough year,” he decided to take a season off to spend time with family and relax. However, now he’s planning an NBA comeback, and he’s hoping he can find a team willing to take him.

Boozer says he’s been working out five to six days a week and says that the year away from the NBA has done his body good. With a year to rest and avoid the grind of the NBA season, he thinks he can still contribute to a team. In particular, Boozer is hoping to grab a bench spot on a contending team in a mentoring role. “I really like the opportunity of having a role on a team where I can give back on the knowledge that I’ve gained through the years,” he told The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

While Boozer may be hoping to return to the NBA, it’s not a given. He’s 34 now, and his best days are behind him. He can probably still contribute to some degree, but will an NBA team give him a chance? Has his year off allowed the league to forget about him? He may be able to get a mentorship role, but perhaps not on a contending team. If he really is in shape, and looks like he can help a team out, somebody will give Boozer a home.

(Via The Vertical)