Carmelo Anthony’s Latest Cryptic Tweet Should Turn Some Heads

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It’s taken everything in Carmelo Anthony‘s already-depleted energy reserves to navigate the scorched dystopian wasteland that is the New York Knicks this season. But alas, the end is nigh. The Knicks are well out of the playoff picture, so they’ll just have to find a way to power through the remaining 15 games with some small portion of their collective sanity still intact.

Part of that will require a certain amount of resignation to their plight. ‘Melo has been here a time or two before, so he knows all too well that sometimes you just have to embrace the darkness.

Sure, ‘Melo has managed to dither away the best years of his career with a dysfunctional organization that keeps sending out expeditions to the farthest regions of its ineptitude. But let’s try to keep a little perspective here. ‘Melo made a Faustian bargain when he signed that $124 million contract in the summer of 2014 instead of joining a contender.

And it wasn’t just about the money. He and his family – his wife La La, in particular – love the New York City lifestyle. For better or for worse, it’s clear that winning a championship hasn’t always been his No. 1 priority. Yet there’s still time for him to try and salvage a career that to this point has been mostly comprised of empty stat lines.

‘Melo has said previously that he’d consider waiving his no-trade clause under the right circumstances. That didn’t happen before the February trade deadline, but it’s certainly something Phil Jackson will revisit once the offseason rolls around. Until then, ‘Melo’s dark night of the soul will linger on a little longer.