Hoodie Melo Made An Appearance At An Oklahoma City Thunder Scrimmage

Getty Image

One of the bigger question marks coming into this NBA season was whether Carmelo Anthony could bring the qualities his hooded alter ego, “Hoodie Melo,” to an NBA basketball court. After the Oklahoma City Thunder’s annual Blue and White scrimmage, that question has been answered.

For those are unaware, Hoodie Melo was a viral basketball sensation this summer where Carmelo Anthony, would don a hoodie and dice up whomever was in front of him on a basketball court. It was during the summer workout scene that we got our first glimpse of Hoodie Melo and Russell Westbrook sharing the same court, and it was glorious.

Some would say that initial meeting of the basketball megapowers was the precursor for what happened on Sunday, something similar to Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage teaming up for the first time. The team scrimmage would be the first time that the public would see Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George on a basketball court together for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As seen in the Instagram video, Hoodie Melo makes his presence felt receiving a Paul George pass to the deep post, to doing work with a fadeaway so pure that someone just tried to bottle it and sell it for $3.99. If things work that smooth on the court for the Thunder, the Warriors’ path to the NBA Finals for a fourth straight time might be a little more difficult than anticipated.