The Houston Rockets Revealed Just How Close Carmelo Anthony Was To Joining Them

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If it feels like the Carmelo Anthony era in New York dragged on far past its expiration date, it’s because it probably did. Carmelo Anthony didn’t want to be there anymore. Phil Jackson was a disaster. James Dolan was James Dolan. It was all extremely New York Knicks.

Anthony is in Oklahoma City now, joining forces with Russell Westbrook and Paul George to create the Western Conference’s latest Super Team. For the first time in a long time, Melo looks happy, and after how he dominated the NBA workout news cycle this summer with legendary pickup performances, and the birth of Hoodie Melo, how could he not be? He feels relevant again in a way he hadn’t been for far too long.

The NBA is more fun when Melo matters. This season in OKC, he matters.

A fascinating sub-plot to the upcoming 2017-18 NBA season is just how close Anthony was to joining James Harden and Chris Paul in Houston instead. Several Rockets players, and even head coach Mike D’Antoni opened up about the summer of Melo to Frank Isola for the New York Daily News.

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