See What Carmelo Anthony Thought ‘Might Be The Dumbest Question Ever Asked’

Carmelo Anthony
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It’s been a busy summer for Carmelo Anthony. On top of all his brand obligations, Anthony took the court again with his friends as part of USA Basketball tryouts in Vegas. He also headed down to Cuba to puff some Cohibas and film a new VICE TV segment, vacationed with D-Wade, LeBron and CP3 in the Bahamas, failed to break the high-five record in 30 seconds, inadvertently revealed to the world that he refers to himself as ‘Me70’ in text messages, and told a Knicks fatalist they’re stuck with him.

It’s that last point that ties into the recent news Melo was again defending himself on a random Instagram post (screen captures never lie).

In this Instagram post, @freemangfx asks, “Is Carmelo Anthony still an elite player?”

Not so shockingly, Melo thought the question was dumb. Shockingly, he actually wrote as much in the comments of the post.



Here’s another screen capture, by way of CBS’ Eye on Basketball blog, so you know the IG user isn’t just making up the comment, which was of course deleted.

Before we continue, we must point out that we’re the same person who sometimes believes — and certainly did that day — Carmelo Anthony might still be the best pure scorer in the NBA today.

We’re more than a little biased by the NCAA title he brought to the rust-belt region of Western New York, but the man can get you a hoop, as he proved in the waning seconds against LeBron during New York’s surprising win in Cleveland’s home opener last season.

That’s an old clip to break out as evidence Anthony can still light up his more accomplished peers, but he didn’t play much last year, and the Knicks stunk the year before, too. (Although, Anthony had a very efficient 2013-14 season, despite the steep decline in New York’s win total from the year before).

Frankly, we’re tired of the Melo acrimony and the condescending way basketball bloggers now just write “Me7o” when they’re talking about him, but he’s brought it on himself. Openly responding to perceived online jabs like this random one on Instagram isn’t helping his case, either.

Here’s some advice to the player I keep defending: Let your play on the court do your talking, Carmelo. That’s all real New Yorkers respond to anyway; it makes them think you’re blue collar, just like their vaunted 1973 team, which was really just from a bygone era rather than actually being more down-to-Earth. You’re not going to win a title, so at least play hard and try to get your Bernard King on a little bit before Dolan inevitably overrules Phil Jackson and panic-trades you to Chicago — which you happily accede to — for 30 cents on the dollar.