The Knicks And Rockets Tried To Get The Bucks To Throw Jabari Parker Into A Carmelo Trade

09.05.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

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The NBA offseason hasn’t been entirely kind to the New York Knicks, first with Kristaps Porzingis ditching team exit meetings, to the subsequent trade rumors involving Porzingis and the eventual firing of team president Phil Jackson. Madison Square Garden has seen more dysfunction within it’s walls this summer since Isaiah Thomas was team president.

Not to mention Knicks franchise player Carmelo Anthony, who reportedly wants to be dealt to the Houston Rockets to play with his friend Chris Paul. Despite that, this summer has only built the legend of Carmelo with his alter ego, “Hoodie Melo”, lighting up gyms coast to coast in a free and unfettered way most haven’t seen in the former Syracuse player since he was in Denver.

So the big question after the Kyrie Irving trade in NBA circles is: Where is Carmelo Anthony playing basketball when the seasons starts? With trade talks involving the Rockets stalled due to issues with who comes back to New York, both the Knicks and Rockets have been trying to find third teams to make a deal happen.

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